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In order to  establish service level standards that support community partners, programming and needs, we need to stop asking how many and focus on how well we are meeting these needs.  And then, we need to ask  is that sustainable.  In order to deliver superior experiences, first we must engage, then we can create, and finally we must deliver timely,

 parks, recreation, and cultural experiences.

Sustainable Approaches
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Vision and Beliefs

Just as adopting principles of sustainability are key building complete and healthy communities, it is also a solid foundation for good business planning.   PRC Solutions is committed to adopting, following, and promoting sustainable practices in all that we do.  

  • We are mindful of environmental needs, and adopt them as an integral part of project solutions

  • We value and respect the integrity of inclusive and accommodating engagement practices

  • We are leaders in best practices for localized, participatory  community engagement 

  • We develop action plans that are supported by local data and are tied to local fiscal realities


"Creating engaging spaces for community well-being"



To be widely recognized for our contributions in developing complete and inclusive communities



  • mindfullness and respect

  • integrity and honesty

  • creativity and innovation

  • courage and compassion

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