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We are becoming widely recognized for our work in developing master plans and studies.  Plan development is heavily reliant on an assessment of local need, changing demographics and community consultations.  Our goal is to maximize community benefit by prioritizing needs and ensuring equitable access for all segments of the community.  

Sample Projects: 

Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plans -   Hanover, Clearview and The Nation Municipalities

Older Adults Needs Assessment; Older Adult Service Review and Strategy - Town of Oakville 

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Outdoor asset management is becoming a vital piece of the prc solutions assessment toolkit.  It sets us apart from the rest.   Sustainable investment strategies require accurate and viable site data.  We critically evaluate current assets  against actual community need.   We generate data via a combination of GIS and Participatory Planning tools.  Of course we also rely on local site analysis. 


Sample Projects:

Park Fields Assessment - City of Victoria

Outdoor Active Field Strategy - City of Guelph

Outdoor Asset Management - Town of Innisfil

Outdoor Asset Assessment - Ridley College


As Manager of Special Projects, Karen was the City’s internal Prime Consultant in the redevelopment of this regional destination recreation and sports park. The project consisted of 2 recreation buildings, a family ‘fun’ zone (splash pad, mini-putt, accessible playground, and concession) and a FIFA 2-star / IAAF artificial turf and track stadium.   The project required all aspects of design from concept development, community & user group consultations, through a phased detailed design process and implementation / commissioning of the various elements.  The site required a full scope of geotechnical considerations for the various structural and base component needs, Archeological Assessment, and an abbreviated Environmental Assessment.   As the Project Lead, all of these activities required Karen’s expertise to manage and coordinate the various disciplines (Architects, Engineers, Conservation Authority, L. Arch, etc.)  to deliver the project on time and on budget

Budget:  $25M
Client:  City of Brampton
Year: 2009 -  2010


Jubilee Park is a part of a new growth development in the south end of Guelph.   The development of this site is a case study in our consultation approach:  community-driven, collaborative and action-oriented.  "We created a sense of community, before the community was there."   This new model for for community engagement includes a blending of traditional and non-traditional (web-based) interactive approaches.  The focus of the interaction was to create early and upfront integration of local community ideas, inputs for phasing, and responsibilities for funding implications.  Considerations for park programming and features included an assessment the existing park system, proximity and availability of existing fields, and associated site amenities.  The resulting park programming, amenities, layout and phasing, were prioritized by local residents.  Park development began in 2014, and phase 2 will be completed in 2017.  The approach allowed the City to maintain it’s budget integrity while delivering a prioritized park program, and an integrated parks system; based on community desires.  

Budget: $1.75M

Client: City of Guelph

Year:  2014


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